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About us


Founded in 1988 Palmers’ Pursuit Shop Paintball Supply located in near Sacramento, has been manufacturing Paintball, Airsoft and Industrial CO2/Compressed Air systems for more than 20 years. Others have gone out of their way to mimic our designs, our longevity while the others are long gone proves Palmers’ attention to detail.  Our diverse expertise allows PPS to venture into more than just paintball. If it launches a projectile or uses a compressed gas, We can work on it!

We strive for but not limited to:

  • Customer Service
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Quality Materials
  • Attention to Detail
  • Solid Performance
  • Accuracy


About the founder:

Glenn Palmer is a 3rd generation gunsmith and former Weapons Tech for the army. With two tours in Vietnam and attempted to do a 3rd, Glenn with over 1000 free fall jumps from a plane has worked many different types of weapons systems. Anything from match grade 1911 , M-16s, M-4s,  mini-guns, tank turrets, howitzers, aircraft cannons and now on to Paintball.

Those unique experiences and bad shoulder pushed him into creating the first functional gravity fed semi automatic paintball gun.  The base of that system is still used many current paintball guns.


His Son:

Craig Palmer is a 4th gen Gunsmith and 2nd gen Master Airsmith with a background in metals technology and electronics. He started messing with dad’s machines when he was 11 and has been into machining stuff ever since. 25 years later Craig is taking the reins at PPS and plans to further diversify & expand the Palmer product line. With a mix of Old School and New School mentality, we are sure Craig & staff can find a custom solution for your needs.