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The Typhoon

The TYPHOON is one of the oldest gravity fed semiautomatic paintguns in our sport. (The oldest is the Hurricane) It's origin dates back to August 1988, when it's stable mate, the HURRICANE was first produced. The TYPHOON was developed and brought to market in February 1990; making it's professional tournament debut at the 1990 Bay City Open. While others were still struggling with early prototypes, the Hurricane and Typhoon had established standards of performance that many could only dream of achieving.

The TYPHOON is essentially a highly sophisticated pneumatic robot, incorporating specially designed pneumatic automation components to control the cycles of operation. This advanced pneumatic automation system provides lightning fast operation and closed bolt firing with the precision smoothness of a sewing machine. This paintgun is designed and crafted to be the most effective paintgun on the field. In fulfillment of that design criteria, it is able to maintain consistently accurate firepower and dependable staying-power in just about any environment/weather conditions.

A finished product; Design characteristics of the TYPHOON provide the user with maximum control over their game with a minimum of service and maintenance. Unsurpassed accuracy and consistency are achieved without the need for the after-market gadgetry or services that are commonly required for most other paintguns. The extended life span that this system enjoys provides high levels of user confidence without continually biting at the wallet. Each TYPHOON is meticulously hand crafted to exacting standards, then every one is individually tuned and tested to ensure optimum performance.

What is a TYPHOON? It is not the result of upgrading any other paintgun! Although, it's operating system can be installed into most Sheridan based pump guns. The Typhoon is the result of an ongoing, evolution based, development process that makes the building of each gun an attempt to make it better than the last one and an opportunity to find a way to make the next one even better. Whenever something has been found to be an improvement in performance, reliability or ease of operation it has immediately become a standard part of the process. Every step in the process of creating a Typhoon is routinely and repeatedly challenged with one question: How can we make it better? Any shortcomings that have been encountered have been dealt with in much the same manor. The question then becomes; What is it going to take to eliminate the problem? When a solid solution has been found, it also becomes a standard part of the process; Whatever it takes to make it the best it can be, in order to fulfill the needs and earn the respect of even the most demanding player! The design and production control staff of Palmer's Pursuit Shop is made up entirely of professional level players that have all been a part of Paintball since the early 1980's. This vast amount of experience and knowledge provides the insight that is so essential to achieving an enduring link between Man and Machine; thus establishing the status of Heirloom as part of the destiny of the TYPHOON.

The features that make up the Typhoon are many, including; Maximum performance valving with correct flow porting to achieve optimum gas efficiency and astounding shot to shot consistency. The UltraQuick field strip system cuts downtime for field cleaning to about the time it takes to reload a hopper, or less. The mirror finish tri-dimensional brass launch tube (barrel) yields unsurpassed accuracy results with just about any standard paintball. The easy access TruDial velocity adjuster can be set while shooting, (using supplied Allen wrench) which makes getting through the line at the chronograph station easier, and quicker for everyone. The matte nickel finish insures enduring good looks and yet remains easily concealable. The Ball Feed index unit simply eliminates double feeding without harming the bolt or o-rings. Corrosion resistant materials, brass, hardened stainless steel and anodized, aircraft grade aluminum are used throughout and the gun can be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated without disassembly. The solid feel and balance of the TYPHOON is further enhanced by the contoured Battle Handle grips that are also standard. It is quick to point and easy to keep on target. Furthermore, the TYPHOON is custom built to fit each customers needs and can be ordered in any one of several styles including; back-bottle, vertical-bottle, bottom line style or a dual-bottle combination that provides maximum versatility. You left-handers have not been forgotten either! For those that want to maximize their paint output there is even a double barreled version that shoots two balls with each pull of the trigger; called the Nasty Typhoon.

The only advertising the Typhoon receives is by word of mouth from those that use them, so service after the sale is extremely important to insure continued customer satisfaction. Glenn Palmer is quick to tell his customers that, "You may be using that gun but it is still my baby and I will stand with it and take care of it." (A comprehensive, one year warranty is part of every paintgun produced at Palmer's and some products are even guaranteed for life. When asked about the lifetime guarantee, Glenn says "as long as I am alive, it is covered. I cannot commit to anything beyond that." He is healthy and gets his exercise on the Paintball field nearly every weekend so he expects to be around for some time to come.

There are those that produce and sell paintguns in much higher quantities, but Palmer's Pursuit Shop will continue to build the Typhoons one at a time and offer no apologies to those that must wait to get their Typhoon. However, most will agree that the dedication to excellence and the TLC that goes into every order make the Typhoon something worth waiting for.

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