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Got Milk?

By Andrew R

Hey Guys,

I have a quick story about meeting and playing Paintball with Glenn in Australia in 1995 (i think?).  Paintball had been legalized a couple of years earlier and we in Oz started to get a tournament circuit off the ground.

The Southern Cross Masters Paintball Tournament was set to be held near Newcastle in New South Wales in our Winter (your Summer) and I don't remember the circumstances of how we got Glenn to Oz (and his fellow  US Paintballers) to play at the Tournament but I do remember the buzz it created on the Australian Paintball scene. 
Teams from all over Australia competed but we were all outclassed and amazed by how the Americans played, and how much paint they threw at us, we had no response. The Tournament was a great success and was won by the US Team. 
I was using a PMI at the time but was lucky enough to purchase Glenn's Typhoon of him when he left Australia and this served me well for many years.

The thing that sticks in my mind about Glenn was we had dinner the night before the tournament at a Thai Restaurant in Newcastle. The American guys were being hosted by my Team (Sydney HEAT) and we were all sitting around a large table waiting for the food to come out when the waiter came out with a bottle of milk and a glass and set it next to Glenn. We all gave him a hard time as we were drinking beer of course but he leaned over and said milk is the best thing to drink with Thai food if you don't wanna burn your mouth.

We kept giving him a hard time as we drunk our beer, and I am sure our ribbing contributed to the amount of paint the US Team threw at us the next day. 
Don't poke the Lion.

I didn't drink milk that night but every time since then when I have dined out at a Thai Restaurant I have a glass of milk on hand.

Good times.

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