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How to Ship Paintball Markers


Protect your investment and save yourself some trouble. Spend a little extra time when packaging a marker for shipment. Many markers are damaged in route due to improper packaging. A small piece of bubble wrap or a handful of foam peanuts is not enough protection for the abuse it will take during transportation, as you can see from the pictures below. We receive at least one to two markers a week in this condition.


torn-shipping-boxtorn shipping boxtorn shipping box

These owners were very lucky the barrels weren't damaged.


Recommended method of packaging

Allow at least one inch margin on all sides of the marker. Leave extra room near the barrel and back end of the gun. Use only bubble wrap or the preferred dense foam for filling the empty space. Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the inside of the box. Punch a couple of holes in your insert for zip ties and a large hole for the direct feed. Now secure the marker to your insert. Place a layer of foam in the bottom. Next comes the insert with gun attached. Tape any loose parts to your insert to keep them from banging up against your gun. Then place the last layer of foam on top and seal it up.  The idea is to get enough protection to survive a two story drop.



open box paintball gun



The cut-away below shows the layers of padding with the insert in the middle.

paintball gun shipping cutaway


Please include a letter containing: 

What you want done
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Supply us with as much information as possible. By doing so will decrease your wait time.

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