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Typhoon vs. Stroker


Let me put it this way. If I could have gotten the performance that I wanted from the standard Sheridan valve system and the way it is arranged inside the gun, I would not have needed to make a new gun at all. Keep in mind that a Stroker is little more than a SHERIDAN/PMI standard pistol that we install our automation system into. During the conversion process, we also work on the valving but there is only so much you can do in the space available.

The performance characteristics of the Typhoon are derived from a gun that I built for myself back in the OLD days when Tournament play was 12 gram pumps and 15 man teams. Nelson based guns were a favorite; primarily because they could be made so much more efficient than the Sheridan based guns for a plethora of reasons. A stock Sheridan could only be expected to get about 15 usable shots out of a 12 gram if that. I could work over the valve and barrel and get them up to about 25 shots per cart. under good conditions but that still wasn't near good enough for me. Some serious thought as to what it would take to keep leading the arms race,a dogged determination to have the most effective gun on the field, some seriously dedicated R&D, a little trial and error and plenty of cussing, led me to the conclusion that it simply could not come to be with a normal Sheridan valve system, no matter what or how much I did to it. I also noticed that the more efficient that I got them, the more consistent and the more accurate they got.

The question that I was driven to find the answer to was and still is: "What is it going to take to get there." What it took was designing/engineering a balanced valve system that would maximize efficiency and maintain consistency throughout the constantly changing pressure environment of CO2. *The problem with the new valve was that it wouldn't fit into a Sheridan so I had to build a gun to put it in and a barrel that would allow it to reach it's potential. I named the gun Paladin and I could easily expect 30-35 effective shots or more from a 12 gram cart even under the worst conditions. ( as a matter of fact; during a test/demonstration held at the offices of APG mag. for the then editor, Brian Imada, the gun was able to fire 59 balls from a single 12 gram in just over 15 minutes, indoors at 74 degrees. The 59th ball came out at 161 and there wasn't enough gas left to get the 60th ball out of the barrel. This is the gun that the Typhoon is based on.

As compared to the Sheridan setup, the valve chamber volume is much larger, a lighter hammer travels almost three times as far before striking the valve, there is no pre-load force on the valve when the hammer is forward and each burst of gas is allowed to reach it's full potential.

They are nowhere near the same. You decide which is best.

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