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3d Printing FAQ

Please Check the FAQ , read the comments below and answer a few questions at the bottom.

My printing preference is strength over cosmetics. In order to create a strong part the temperature must be high enough to fuse the layers. In doing so, this can create artifacts, warpage and or strings coming from the parts. I will do my best to find a happy medium between quality and strength. If quality is of the utmost importance. I can lower the temperature and sacrifice a little bit of strength. If strength is important, we can double the wall thickness and increase the infill to 50%.

Solid infill parts like to warp and take 5 times as long to print.

In FDM printing, its a game of give and take as no filament meets the requirements of every single project.

Anything with high accuracy required should be printed in PLA.

Most accurate
Very little shrinkage
Less tuning required
Prints at a lower temp
Sharp Corners
Handles large parts

Softens in a hot car
Carbon Build-up

Slight Flex
Less brittle than PLA
Wont soften in a hot car
Vapor Polish-able
Melts in Acetone

Warps on large parts.
Adhesion Issues
Less Accurate
Tuning requirements change based on the size of the part.

Prints like PLA
Handles Heat Like ABS
Same family as acrylic
Safe for single use food or medical contact.
Hard as ABS

More flexible than ABS.
Sunlight deterioration

Nylon,, Cool filament but it's flaws make it not worth printing in FDM printers. The above filaments offer better properties .

Nylon Pros
Non stick
Heat resistant

Nylon Cons
Difficult to stick to the bed.
Layer adhesion requires higher heat.
Absorbs moisture
The absorbed H2O then steams and creates micro bubbles in the surface. This can be defeated by printing at higher speeds with an increased risk of ghosting.

The above features leaves a customer with a choice. A clean looking part or a strong one, You cant have both with nylon FDM.

Netfab Users.  Please run your model through  https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/ It will solve any export issues with your model.

Support material.   Any overhang over 45 degrees will be supported,  this support material breaks off easily.   If you would like to see what your model looks like supported, Then download the free  http://www.meshmixer.com/   It will help you visualize support material as well as export. We charge extra for support material removal or post processing.  Let us know if this needs to be added to the order.

Layer resolution.   A 200 micron order gets printed at 160 microns.  100 microns is printed at 100 microns.   100 microns looks cleaner but chances with a flaw are greater.  My prices are low for a reason, the machines I use cost less than $1500, please do not expect the quality of the $100,000 machine.

Completion Time.  If your parts are small, 200 microns I can usually finish the part within one day, even on weekends.  Some parts demand to printed one at a time or have higher resolution, thus will take longer than 1 day.

Shipping.  Please make sure your address is verified.   https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction!input.action?mode=0&refresh=true  
We use automated shipping software. An improperly formatted address will cause delays.


Please copy and paste your printing preferences.

  1.  Prefer Accuracy over Strength
  2.  Print all parts at the same time?
  3.  Delivery Method...  In a rush?
  4.  Make design/material recommendations or print right away?
  5.  Confirm you have read the above statements.
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