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Stabilizer Co2, HPA, N2 Air Pneumatic Regulators Up to 4500 psi input Adjustable psi output.

All Palmer Regulators are Omni-Gas Ready (Co2, HPA, N2)

 Available in several different models to cover numerous applications and setups . Industrial, NASA, scientific, medical and custom applications available. Works in any position, upside down or even in zero gravity. Shock proof.

3 Fully adjustable Output pressures to choose from; 0 - 250 psi, 0 - 700 psi and 200 - 900 psi.

 A 3/16 allen wrench is used to adjust pressure.  

For special applications / configurations give us your operational parameters and we’ll build it to meet your needs.

Compliant to combat robot safety & ASTM regulations.

The long proven performance of Palmer's Regulators, makes the Stabilizer a must for all pressure controlled systems.