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Palmers Pursuit High Pressure Stabilizer Regulator

High pressure Regulators,



All of the features and performance of our legendary "ROCK" regulator, but designed and built for the high pressure output needed to regulate and stabilize pressure controlled paintgun velocity. Well suited for use as the first stage of a 2- stage regulation system for the AutoMags or in the role of the second stage of an on-gun or remote system for all paintguns; with either CO2, Compressed Air, Nitrous Oxide, N2 (nitrogen), HPA pressure supply systems. Two stage regulation will provide approximately 25 times greater control and consistency of the supply pressure that is allowed into the paintgun. Expansion chambers can't even hope to block liquid CO2 the way the that the Stabilizer can, thus virtually eliminating the chance of "hot-gun" penalties. The long proven performance of Palmer's Regulators, makes the "STABILIZER" a must for all pressure controlled firing systems for any paintgun. Available in five different models to cover numerous applications and setups . Industrial, NASA, scientific, medical and custom applications available. Works in any position, upside down or even in zero gravity. Shock proof.

Fully adjustable; 0-750 psi output

Optional outputs (0-250, 200-1200 psi)

All of our Regs are Omni-Gas Ready (HPA or CO2)

Most paintball applications only need the standard Stabilizer. It's adjustable from 0-750 psi with max input of 1800 psi. The standard Stabilizer will work with Co2 and HPA without any changes. A 3/16 allen wrench is used to adjust pressure. No tourney locks required. The Stabilizer is shipped with a factory test setting of 500 psi. Just unscrew the adjuster before install for lower pressures. One turn of the screw is about 100 psi average. The springs will max out at around 50 psi above the listed operating rage.

Allowable gauge options
Low pressure version 0-600 or 0-1200 psi gauge
High pressure 0-1200 psi gauge only

Also available in "Low Pressure" format with 0-300 psi output range and an over-pressure relive valve that can be factory set for a wide variety of uses. Recommend for markers that run on 250 psi or below. 

For special applications (non Paintball), the Stabilizer can also be setup for high pressure input up to 3000 psi in either standard or low pressure output configurations. Give us your operational parameters and we’ll build it to meet your needs.

All screw in 3000 and 4500 psi HPA tanks have built-in regulators that will drop the pressure down to 800 or 400 psi.

Compliant to combat robot safety & ASTM regulations.