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Airsoft Regulators & Hose assemblies

Regulators and Hose assemblies for Airsoft Guns 

Designed and built for the Low pressure output needed to regulate and stabilize pressure controlled Airsoft guns. Well suited for use as the first stage of a 2- stage regulation system or in the role of the second stage of an on-gun or remote system for all Airsoft guns with either CO2 or Compressed Air HPA supply systems. Two stage regulation will provide approximately 25 times greater control and consistency of the supply pressure. The long proven performance of Palmer's Regulators, makes the "STABILIZER" a must for all pressure controlled firing systems. Available in several different models to cover numerous applications and setups . Works in any position, upside down or even in zero gravity. Shock proof.

- Built in  an over-pressure relive valve.

- Fully adjustable; 0-250 psi output (3/16 allen wrench is used to adjust pressure)

- Gauge Port

- Omni-Gas Ready (HPA or CO2)