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Ion Stabilizer kit

$ 100.98

ION Fatty Stabilizer kit. Our newer Lower Pressure reg. Made specifically for guns that run on 400 psi or less. Perfect as a secondary or primary regulator. Works on HPA or CO2. Adjustable from 0 to 400 psi.Made for markers like: Intimidator Autococker Ion Matrix Impulse DYE Proto, DM4, DM5 ICD Freestyle and Bushmaster Shocker Odyssey AKA 92:1 Ratio. 400 psi max output, 600 psi gauge included. Faster recharge rate with more consistency at lower pressures. 1500 psi max input. Handles 3000 psi without damage. Yes, you can use your regulated 4500 PSI tanks with it. Input on the side, output on the other side and top. The input line can be moved to the opposite side of the Stabilizer for optimal line placement or install an extra gauge for input pressure. Not sure which reg to get? Click Here

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