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Auto Cocker .680 smooth bore Brass Barrel with Custom Options - Barrel - Palmers Pursuit Shop - Palmers Pursuit Shop

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Auto Cocker .680 smooth bore Brass Barrel with Custom Options

$ 59.16

Choose the options and we will build it up for you. Estimated build time is ten days for brass and Black powder coating. Nickel plating can add three weeks to the build time. - Standard Spiral venting is 2 spirals 3 inches long. Dual venting is 4 spirals 3 inches long. - What does venting do The gas travels faster than the ball, thus knocking it off course when the ball exits the tip. Venting dissipates that blast behind the ball creating a less turbulent cylinder of gas. This helps keep the ball on course and reduces the report. Dual venting is a little quieter but is a less efficient than the single. 

Fits: Aliens - Autocockers - Azodin - Bob Long markers (Marq's, Intimidators, Vice, Protégé) Bushmasters 03 and up - Cyborgs - Dark Shocker - Dangerous Power markers (Threshold, G3, Fusions) - Diablo markers (AR-1s, Slayers, Wraths, Reapers) - Dragun Drallion - Dye markers - Egos - Eteks - Evil Shocker - Excaliburs - Freestyles - Gen E-matrix - Hybrid Shocker - Invert Mini - Legend - Micromag - Minions - NME - Odyssey - ONYX - Omen - Promaster - Protos - Python Impulse - Quest - Shocktech shocker - Tremor Shocker - ULE mags - Vikings - Wrath

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