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3d Printing

Use the button below to submit a file for printing and or quotes, If you need something designed, check out my 3d hub profile.

Specialized in prototypes, to full CNC production runs. Experts with pneumatics and high pressure air systems. www.co2reg.com We keep a 3 dual extruder printers to prototype objects before production runs, thus you can take advantage of immediate night runs at low cost.

Printing starts at 8am and 6 PM.

Parts smaller than 30 cm in width can be printed at twice the speed with ditto printing. (Simultaneous printing with two extruders) With 3 dual head printers. It is possible to print up to 6 parts at once.

My printing preference is strength over cosmetics. In order to create a strong part the temperature must be high enough to fuse the layers. In doing so, this can create artifacts, warpage and or strings coming from the parts. I will do my best to find a happy medium between quality and strength. If quality is of the utmost importance. I can lower the temperature and sacrifice a little bit of strength. If strength is important, we can double the wall thickness and increase the infill to 50%.

Solid infill parts like to warp and take 5 times as long to print. In FDM printing, its a game of give and take as no filament meets the requirements of every single project.

My Thingaverse designs. http://www.thingiverse.com/Paintballmagic/designs We can convert your ideas to a 3d object, just supply an example or proper dimensions and we can whip up a 3d file for you. Average freelance design rate is about $23 an hour. We can also light your objects with simple LEDs to Arduino Multiplexed lighting.

Anything with high accuracy required should be printed in PLA. Why wait weeks to get into the Sacramento Public Library to 3d print a file. Then your stuck there for 5 hours while the machine is printing. Most of the time, we can have your print ready in less than 24 hours.


Hardness Most accurate Very little shrinkage Less tuning required Prints at a lower temp Sharp Corners Handles large parts


Brittle Softens in a hot car Carbon Build-up


Slight Flex Less brittle than PLA Wont soften in a hot car Vapor Polish-able Melts in Acetone


Warps on large parts. Adhesion Issues Shrinkage Less Accurate Tuning requirements change based on the size of the part.


Prints like PLA Handles Heat Like ABS Same family as acrylic Safe for single use food or medical contact. Hard as ABS


More flexible than ABS. Sunlight deterioration

Nylon,, Cool filament but it's flaws make it not worth printing in FDM printers. The above filaments offer better properties . Pros Non stick Heat resistant Cons Shrinkage Difficult to stick to the bed. Layer adhesion requires higher heat. Absorbs moisture The absorbed H2O then steams and creates micro bubbles in the surface. This can be defeated by printing at higher speeds with an increased risk of ghosting.The above features leaves a customer with a choice. A clean looking part or a strong one, You cant have both with nylon.

Some of the 3d print areas I service. Sacramento Elk Grove San Jose Mountain View Roseville Davis Folsom Vacaville Salinas Palo Alto Northern California Southern Nevada Reno, Nevada
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