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Custom Brass Barrels

Choose the options and we will build it up for you.

- smooth bore brass barrel any length.

- 3  Bore sizes to choose from. .680, .685, and .690. 

- Barrel tips and muzzle brakes.

-  Linear and Spiral venting. . - Standard venting is 2 rows 3 inches long. Dual venting is 4 rows 3 inches long. - What does venting do? The gas travels faster than the ball, thus knocking it off course when the ball exits the tip. Venting dissipates that blast behind the ball creating a less turbulent cylinder of gas. This helps keep the ball on course and reduces the report. Dual venting is a little quieter but is a less efficient than the single.  

- Several Finishes Available

Estimated build time is ten days for brass and Black powder coating. Nickel plating and other finishes can add a few weeks.

For questions or Quotes call the shop (916)923-9676 or email  buypalmer@gmail.com